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So Goes Creation
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Now We Begin
Hebrew Words Translated

One Work is finished and
Another is about to begin.

Nothing ever sounds the same when spoken through the eyes of another.  We see things so differently from within the Veil we call the flesh, and translate differently some of the most perfect Words we will ever hear.  This does not mean we annul any Word given, but through differing eyes which are the windows of the spirit/heart, we view differently what has been spoken from  even before Bereshit.
I know, man has his own ways about him, and that can be an asset, as long as He is in touch with his maker.  Diverting ones self from the 'Author of Life more Abundantly,' will only prove to bring that man into the hands of the enemy, but hopefully for only a short time before he catches himself and returns to the Faith that was once delivered to Abba YHVH's people Israel.
Now I am finished with the work above in these writings, and it is time to get to the bare Facts of Life.  This will be accomplished within the next Book and Website that Abba YHVH will soon begin preparing for us to follow into an even closer walk and interpersonal relationship.  In this mentioned Next Book, there will be little if any withheld of all there is to say.  The only problem is, there is not enough time and space to write it all, so bits and pieces will come forth in a manner that can be understood by those who follow the True Creator Abba YHVH, as He will bring the understanding to those who treasure His Face First, His Word, and last of all His Hand.
I know that there is much to say with so little time to verbalize some of what has not been articulated in the past - not in the form that is now to be told, but Scripture will bear out the Truth even in what is to come from the Latter Rain, much of which has been falling, and so little that has been really understood. 
Un-Transviolated Scripture is sure and true and will never change!  Our understandings do change though, as He brings to Light His meanings through the Latter Rain for comprehension.
I am sure, for those who have enjoyed and learned from these writings, that what is to come very shortly will be a welcomed and unavoidable mixture of understanding and learning and sorting out of what has been there all along, just now being released to our awareness.
I am fastening my seatbelt for the ride of my spiritual life, for from here on, time and experience is straight up on the parabolic scale, and the experiences we will be privy to will not be behind closed doors but out in the open, as the forces we war against in their own minds think they have won the battle. 
Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!!
Watch Prophecy fall into place faster than one can comprehend.  It will be so fast now, that we will be hard pressed to keep up with them, even more difficult for those who think the Pre-Messianic Scriptures are old stuff.  In fact, many will not even see most Completed Prophecy happening, nor will many be able to comprehend what they consider non-existent.
Begin now to fasten your seatbelts.
HaTorah - The Torah, is about to hit the fan.
June 9, 2008