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So Goes Creation
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A look at where we have been
and where we are going.
Eternal life hangs in he balance.


Summary and Prelude




Throughout So Goes Creation the Still Small Voice, of which Scripture testifies, is plainly seen, discussed, attended to, encouraged, taught, inspired, and found compulsory to have as close an interpersonal relationship with to hear, yet we only approach as we allow, even knowing that Voice is Abba YHVH. I make no claim to discussions with false, or inventions of men, the likes of what Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, and such honor as deity.


Expressed within the book also is the account that "We get the deity we call upon." That means if you are praying and asking in the names of false elohim, that is what you get. As you cannot think in your mind that the devil is THE DEITY-Creator, pray and make request to him/them and expect Abba YHVH to answer your prayers, so goes it with asking the jesus, the lord, and the moon god, the sun god by many names including Baal=Lord. The answer will be the same. Ask and you will receive goes all the way around. You get the deity you call upon.

Back to Abba (Daddy) YHVH, who is only Daddy to those who have come when called, not unlike the sheep answering the call of their shepherd.
You will not find in Scripture where anyone was asked or instructed by his Creator to not call out to Him. Show me any of the prophets that were not inspired and taught by
Abba YHVH. Scripture tells us 'You will find ME if you search for Me with all of your heart.'


Next on the agenda is commitment.

As spoken often in So Goes Creation, it takes a total commitment, leaving nothing unaccounted for, to hear His Still Small Voice. Biggest problem is this. How can one hear a voice that is stiller and smaller than thought itself, with all the stuff swishing around in busy minds that listen to everything else, like some of the noise many call music. It is difficult to hear a voice that is almost undetectable even for the most avid listener, to hear IT through all of the noise we allow into our minds. Thus, Quite the mind if hearing His Still Small Voice is important to any of you, at least for the first step.


Next and most important is this. Can a person be trusted with what he hears from Abba personally? and believe me you will be tested on Trust. He does not throw His pearls before swine. When Scripture says """You have to Love the Truth.""" it is more of a command ultimate, to hearing His Still Small Voice. Scripture tells us, 'All men are taught by YHVH, those who have heard and learned will come to Me.' Heard What?

Many would like to hear directly from HIM, but are not willing to give the attention to all the detail and learning that is necessary to comply. His
Still Small Voice is not inborn, but earned, not through physical labor or physical gratification and such, but by LOVE, and the kind of LOVE that it takes is not something learned through peers, seminary, university, or instructional institution. One actually must put down his own life as Abba gave witness and example. It takes a living sacrifice, the one we find in Scripture.


The next book will almost double in size. The first is a prerequisite to the second. In other words, one will not understand the second without a vivid understanding and working relationship with his ABBA. The first book is the lead in to the second and is most important to get through the Seventh Day we are in. This Seventh Day will not be a status-quo. Scripture tells us that we will live and reign with Him for One thousand years. How can one accomplish that without full knowledge of Him and what is expected. EXPECTED meaning; not a religious attentive devotional search through the teachings of religious men, but an interpersonal walk.

Quoting from the page 'Our Walk Defined', “Our Walk represents our closeness to our Creator in vivid terms and exposure by degree of accomplishments. Lessons learned by experience and assignments completed. Multiple assignments as time passes solidifies confidence within, enough to bring forth an unwavering dedication unmovable. Othere than eternal life itself, what greater gift can a man receive than a working, vividly seen, punctual preplanned life and felt presence with his best friend and Creator? I know not one! Our Walk defines our relationship. Our Faith, or lack of, is exposed in what we do and there is nowhere to hide!


Finances are not the reason for this book. Teaching and training Abba's own to release themselves from the cares of this life in an interpersonal way and coming to Him with no baggage is the entire reason this work was undertaken. The second is what we will learn by living in His house with refrigerator rights so-to-speak.


The enemy has found many religious ways to hide from us our heritage, keep us hood-winked, and separated from our Creator. It is time to re-take the kingdom and what is rightfully ours, for the time has come and is passing quickly found in Daniel 7:13, I saw in the night visions, and, see, one like Bar Enosh came with the clouds of heaven and came to the ancient of days, and they brought him near before him, And there was given Him dominion, and ruler-ship and a Kingdom that all peoples, nations, and languages, should serve Him: His dominion is an everlasting dominion, and shall not pass away, and His kingdom shall not be destroyed....v 18, But the (Kidushim) - Set Apart Ones of the Most High shall take the kingdom and possess the kingdom (le-olam-va-ed) forever....v 22, Until the Ancient of Days came and (mishpat) - judgment was given to the Set Apart Ones of the Most High; and the time came that the Set Apart Ones possessed the (Malchut) -Kingdom....v-27 and the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole (Shamayim) - heavens shall be given to the people of the Set Apart Ones of the Most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey Him. RSTNE


Just before this in v-9-10 The Ancient of Days set up thrones and was seated, the Judge was seated and the scrolls were opened. Friends, if you can hear this, that Seating and Judgment began September 3, 2003. If you cannot hear it, that should not make any difference to you in your walk.


It was never expected at the outset to be a full publication works, just thought that these writings were for sharing with Internet friends and family however far removed or close. Now Abba has been preparing me for Our next publication that will be so over-the-top that am not sure how to explain to you what it will be like, but I can give you a summary as currently understood, and will take it from there. How long the second book will take I will not venture, am always in error when second guessing His timing. So Goes Creation gives us a working view of what we exist for and a purpose not well understood among the Set Apart Ones. It gives us a look at the worthlessness of the flesh and brought focus on the spirit of the a man which inherits eternal Life or eternal separation, understanding our origins and how Abba has set in motion our finishing.

Our second publication will focus, among other things, on what the spirit actually consists of. We are now aware somewhat of our physical worthless flesh without profit, and how that original spirit that is us, exists in reality. Also how that spirit motivates our physical throughout life here on earth and is judged or not on the choices made daily-moment by moment as we walk through this life's furnace and slowly overcome as instructed. We broke down the flesh of the man as in all physical substance on earth as nothing in His eyes, and even less in our own if we examine ourselves closely enough with our finite mind and ever so limited time-span on earth, and science has determined that Earth shrunk into solid matter would be the size of a pea leaves little left to imagine that we are only her for His purpose and the physical is little more than an illusive group of what we would consider matter without substance, and in essence is nothing less than existence under His watchful hand and only by His power can we physically exist; our spirit walks through the system of 'judgment or not,' upon this earth physical. It is much to absorb as life has taught us through religious men who worship the flesh, that somehow the flesh is paramount in this Creation picture. There is much to re-learn and study to be prepared for His newly falling Latter Rain. That is the intent of
So Goes Creation, a vivid look at Interpersonal Relationship with Abba יהוה being the only focal point we need to survive the furnace of affliction, in this small thing we call the Universe.


Now Abba desires to take us a step or two further and describe to us what spirit is composed and consists of, and in doing so will give us a deeper understanding of the eternal life we seek and what we might expect, at least from our personal makeup and where we actually stand on the eternal scale. But what motivates me the most is this. Our Daddy

יהוה also desires that we understand as far as we can, what His makeup is also. Is it not a little over the top to wonder exactly what our perfect Creator is also composed of? In doing so we will get a deeper understanding of our relationship first hand as we stand in front of Him with what we really are. This comparison will be astounding in scope and will set the record straight for those who rely upon Him and search for Him with all of their heart continually as Scripture suggests.


By these, we will live through this Seventh Day knowing our Maker and have a deeper understanding why He has done this with us, and as a potter has need to finish His work, Abba YHVH must also finish us in purity and eliminate the imperfections we gained in this filthy fire of affliction among the most detestable forms of man-made atrocities. He will clear up who we are in relationship with Him as one longing to know their Daddy unseen.


I am buckling my seat-belt so-to-speak, because this ride, at least for me will be so over-the-top of anything imagined that if He had not trained me already to not be overwhelmed at Him, or because of Him, I could just die from the awareness of His Greatness.


We speak these words because they have been taught to us descriptively, but now we are going to hear them placed in practice, for Abba is going to prepare all of His for the up and coming events this world has little imagined, and only a working, vividly seen and punctual pre-planned life and felt presence will get us through its difficulty unscathed.

Find your spiritual seat-belt and buckle up, strap on
Ruach HaKodesh because it is not going to be a pleasant ride to the finish line very soon, and we all need to get with HIM as soon as possible. Step by step, let’s go. He has been knocking at the door all of our lives but religion has clouded our sight and the sound of its mantra has drowned out the Still Small Voice we need so much today. Let us quiet the mind and listen for the Voice that is stiller and smaller than thought itself. It will take a little time, because, although HE has been there speaking, we have become accustomed to dismissing Him and concentrating on the loud boisterous voices we inherited through our family, friends, and religious circles. Let us get back to basics and BE THERE. Like anything we begin floundering at, getting back to the basics starts a whole new life.