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  Ministry of יהושע
Seventy Shavua

By now it should have been obvious that the Ministry of our
not as long as most prophecy buffs would like to support their interpretations. Many have built their ministries around a Three and a Half Year duration.

The Apostle John could have just eliminated two years of reporting. He might have just forgot what day or year it was, but John was very close to יהושע and that kind of thinking is just ludicrous.

From what we have witnessed so far there leaves little guesswork that יהושע had a ministry of Less than One and One Half years.
The Feasts are reported in proper order in the Good News of John - יוחנן -Yochanan, and they were celebrated for many centuries before Messiah's Coming. The record of John makes no mistake unless John is a perpetrator of another Gospel and that is laughable.

The Festival of Sukkot was celebrated only once by
יהושע המשיח - Yahoshua HaMashiach as were all of the other Feasts. It had to be some time after Sukkot - סוכות that Yahoshua was Immersed by John the Immerser, and as our study reveals the First Passover in the Good News of John is the Only Passover that יהושע attended during His Ministry. He became the last Passover Lamb accepted, and the Only Sacrifice that takes away the sins of the world.

The Ministry of Messiah Yahoshua, without going into minute detail, was 70 Shavua. Beginning from just after Sukkot until the Passover of His Sacrifice was only 70 Hebrew Shavua. Remembering that a Hebrew Moon has only Four Shavua, and the last Shavua of each Moon is a long Moonthly rest, there are only 12 Moons in the average Hebrew year, and 48 Shavua. Seven out of Nineteen years have an Adar Bet, or two months of Adar which gives a Thirteen moon year. This is what balances out the Hebrew seasons, and keeps the Hebrew Calendar in balance.

There can be no confusing the two calendars. Each has it's own ways of expressing their values. One was instituted by our Master YHVH, and the other expresses mans greatness to himself and the false deities he worships aside from YHVH. Mixing the two is futility. Nothing can be calculated that is from YHVH on the pagan solar year but the seasons, since Hebrew is the language our Creator expresses Himself with and was instituted for that expressed purpose.

The Barley Harvest in HaEretz('The Land' of Yisra'el) is governed by the weather and the rain; both are the Works of The Hand of YHVH Who changes not, and has placed into motion both the seasons and the years by only His Hand. These work only with His influence and can only be altered by His Hand. Not that there are any alterations in these patterns that do not follow exactly His wonderful purpose, but these seasons are for as long as the earth does exist and the People of Yisra'el are His People.

I can only express to you, that our Messiah Creator Yahoshua יהוה יהושע YHVH changes not, and temporarily alters weather patterns for His expressed purpose. Soon there will be another season of approximately 30 moons that this earth's weather patterns will be altered. The Sixth seal will bring down much calamity upon mankind and there will be many alterations upon this earth as it reels to and fro like a drunkard. I am not saying that this change is permanent. It will be a temporary situation as the topography of the earth makes the changes that Scripture says it will. Islands will flee, mountains will fall, and the earth will be utterly renewed. Little will remain the same, but HIS LAND Eretz Yisra'el will never fail, for He has placed His Name there for all eternity. There is not one who can change this. HIS Land will remain, and His people will be restored without fail, for HE has spoken and none can annul even the slightest measure from HIS WORD.

If you were to ask Your Creator what He would say
to you right now, this is most likely His Reply.

says יהוה, and there is no one like ME on either side. I span the heavens and when I call out to them, they all stand up together. Show Me one who is like Me, there is none. My Throne belongs to Me and is Mine forever. No one takes My place anywhere Am. There are none above Me nor beside Me there is none, and my Esteem will not be shared with another. Others have tried to impersonate Me but are now in the PIT prepared for them from before the beginning. My hand does now reach out to My Beloved and they are being restored to Me and My Land. We together are in charge of their return, for I have placed that Command upon My people to carry out My gathering together the Two Sticks and they will be one in My Hand. My sons and My daughters will be carried together to My Land without fail and they will dwell in My Land forever. This Earth was made to be inhabited, and My People are placed here to inhabit it. No one can annul what My Hand has done but Me, and My Hand does not work against Itself. My Commands were not to be changed, and My statutes are never to change.  There are none to annul even the slightest of My Words.  I have spoken, and MY Words do not return to ME void."

 Less than One and a Half years ministry of יהושע, could have no part in the error of some interpretations of the end time Prophecies that permeate our religions today. The Ministry that they must be discussing is another Christ that Shaul - Paul warns of. The 'Other Christ' is not יהושע המשיח  - Yahoshua HaMashiach for more reasons than discussed in these notes.   

The language has been changed.
The Characters have been given new names.
Our Creator's Name has been substituted for Baal/Lord.

The time table has been corrupted.
The Hebrew Calendar has been compromised.
Many prophecy interpretations have been an invention, although not the prophecies themselves, for they are perfect and will be completed perfectly with pinpoint accuracy, but the inventions of interpretation are those of religion, in hopes of more control and the leading of believers away from the Faith that was once delivered to the Saints,
and into the Lake that burns with Fire forever and ever. The Reprobate minds of our religious instructors follow the 'ANOTHER Messiah' that Paul speaks of in his letter to 2 Cor 11:4, or John 5:43 speaks of 'The one who would come in his own name' (inventions of men), or Matt 24:5 warns of the one who leads men astray claiming to be messiah whom our transviolators have placed in what they perpetrate as the original language translation which we covered, warning of the translation of jesus from iesus from the acronym ye.sh.u, that means 'May His Name and memory be blotted out."

As a people we are expecting a False Messiah to come on the scene with all the teachings
of the religions of today. Much Prophecy that has had overtones and undertones from sources that cannot be in favor with our Creator, for they are based upon erroneous doctrines of men in Whited Sepulchers. 

We are on the precipice of the end of all
things as we know them, and are making ready to usher in the Second Coming of our Messiah in the clouds whether soon or distant, yet many religious leaders are preparing us for The one who will come in his own name, and as the Messiah said, Him you will receive. Yet,
as we speak here, where has the world been in regards to the one who comes in his own name but following him in vast numbers. We have been set up through mind control to follow the inventions of religious leaders who have been deceased for many decades. From the grave they continue, and with the help of well taught followers, lead the blind into their trap.

Where are our church leaders in all of this?
How has the Truth been breached?
Certainly we have all seen and read the Good News and had questions regarding the timetable, and some unexplainable church doctrines, but as all good followers of religious men we fall into step without the courage to think for ourselves, and without a Relationship with our Creator that we can rely on for what He promises, You will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free. Also, we are warned in Scripture, Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees, (Religious leaders.)

2 Tim 4:3, For there shall be a time when they shall not bear sound teaching, but according to their own desires, they shall heap up for themselves teachers tickling the ear, and they shall indeed turn their ears away from the Truth, and be turned aside to myths.

Heb 12:26-27, Yet once more I shake not only the earth, but also the heaven. Yet once more, makes clear the removal of what is shaken -- as having been made -- so that the unshaken matters might remain.

Surely, a close examination of the Scriptures will shake out the old leaven and return to the unleavened Word of יהוה from which there is no stumbling for those who conform to His Teaching and instructions. We are not to follow after religious leaders with itching ears. Many teach what they do not understand, but follow community teachings of men who have left their legacy of confusion behind.

To Whom Do We Come?
We must come to the One Who has Created and planned all that is Good that we not be taken unaware. We cannot and will not be fooled if we remain in His Hand and His Teaching, and rely on Him in all that we do and all that we are and all that we will become in His Name. It is easy to become drunk with the wine of false teachers if we linger there long enough. It is also easy to come to the Truth for our Bread from He Who Is The Truth. When He said Come to Me all Who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you
rest for your souls, He meant what He said.

And when He said He who is thirsty, let him
come to me and drink,
It was for good reason.

When Paul said, Work out your own salvation, although many misunderstood doctrines are not Salvation issues, Paul was directing us to his Teacher from Whom he studied for the ministry he served.

Messiah set the standard for men to Live By, Paul lived by that standard once he knew Messiah. Although Paul knew the Scripture, he needed it's Author to understand enough to teach you and I His Word. Before that interpersonal relationship with YHVH Yahoshua -יהוה יהושע, he followed doctrines of men, and he persecuted those who followed the True Messiah.

When יהושע המשיח - Yahoshua HaMashiach said COME, He meant Come to Him, not to religious institutions. In the end times which we are now in, the delusion will be so great that if it were possible, even the very elect would be deceived. We now live in that delusion. Tricked by men who follow men, like the blind following the blind, and both falling into the pit.

How do we become undeceived?
He who is thirsty, let Him come to ME and drink.

Now is the time to
'Come out of her My people.'

Or jump back in for more of the same.

You Decide!

This has been a teaching that is hoped will loose many
from the bonds of religious men and into the
found in our Creator יהוה אלהים -YHVH
that we Be Free Indeed.

This entire message invites all to have an interpersonal Relationship with Father  אב יהוה - ABBA YHVH.

He came in the flesh once, showed us His Resurrection - Birthinto The Spirit, and has been inviting all to follow Him into the Spirit, and into all Truth, reported in John 4 to the woman from Shomeron, John 4:23,
But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship The Father in Spirit and in Truth, for The Father does seek such to worship Him. YHVH is Spirit, those who worship Him must worship Him is Spirit and in Truth.

It is not a secret that we are to worship יהוה אלהינו - YHVH Elohim in Spirit and in Truth. He has been seeking such to Worship Him from the Foundation of the world. We Worship Him when we follow His lead and His Way. We approach Him when we come as a child, humble, open, honest, and alone. We become His when we surrender all that we are to His Good Purpose. We are His when we can sit upon His lap and look Him Straight in the Eyes and fear nothing in His care.

This, says He to those who are His, Yeshayahu 49:13-23.
Sing, O Shamayim-Heaven; and be full of Simcha-Joy, O earth; and break forth into singing, O mountains: for יהוה has comforted His people, and will have rachamin-compassion upon His afflicted. But Tzion said, יהוה has forsaken me, and my Master has forgotten me. Can a woman forget her nursing child, that she should not have compassion on the son of herwomb? Yes perhaps, they may forget, yet will I not forget you.See, I have graven you upon the palms of My hands; your walls are continually before Me. Your children shall hurry back to Me; your destroyers and they that made you a ruin shall depart from you. Lift up your eyes all around, and see: all these who have gathered themselves together, and have come to you. As I live, says יהוה, you shall surely clothe yourselves with them all, as with an ornament, and bind them to you, as does a bride. For your waste and your desolate places, and the land of your destruction, shall even now be too narrow by reason oftheir inhabitants, and they that swallow you up shall be far away.  The children which you shall have, after you have lost the others, shall say again in your ears, the place is too narrow for me: give place to me that I may live. Then shall you say in your lev-heart, who has begotten me these, seeing I have lost my children, and am baron, an exile, wandering back and forth?  Who has brought these up in the alyiah? See I was left alone; and now all these, where have they been? This says The Master יהוה, See, I will lift up My hand to the nations, and set My Standard to the peoples: and they shall bring your sons in their arms, and your daughters shall be carried upon their shoulders.And melechim-kings shall be your nursing fathers, and their queens your nursing mothers: they shall bow down to you with their faces toward the earth, and lick up the dust of your feet; and you shall know that I am יהוה: for they shall not be ashamed that wait for Me.

When we are inscribed on the Palm of
His Hand, who can annul it?


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