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Destinations are elusive without a road-map.

Someone said, ‘BE THERE,’
Was it not for what Abba has me up to these days, I would love to go back into the Mountains of northern California and  live alone with HIM there for a few more years. That is how I got to know HIM more than anyone ever in my life.
I am saying that, "I know
Abba YHVH more than anyone I know on this planet."  It was that time of years alone with HIM that brought me closer to HIM than I could ever have imagined.     I know more about HIM personally than anyone else I know, and He spends more time with me than anyone ever has for any length of time. We discuss personal things more than any other person ever in my life and we get along interpersonally better than my flesh could ever have imagined.     I wish that all could have that close interpersonal relationship with HIM, and that is the purpose of the writings I have put together these last few years.  A documentary on Having a close interpersonal relationship with Abba YHVH from the experiences He and I have had together both in action and conversation.  I am not speaking of just a constant self speak upward toward HIM, but a personal intertwined commitment and interpersonal togetherness that in the past I could only dream of, never expecting it to become a realty. Now we just discuss future personal events that at times will involve others in that future, but things of such a personal nature that I cannot even begin to attempt to discuss with others.  The problem is finding another that could stand on the same foundational place in space and time to even begin -- something like getting to the same place with another to even begin the journey.  Am not saying there is none, just saying I would love to meet that one, or several, or many. There is so much to understand about Abba YHVH to begin this excursion that getting another even into the proper frame of mind I find allusive.   So, the question of spending time alone with Abba is so valid in this attempt to get to know Him, that it is paramount, or should I say compulsatory to achieve that goal.   When one considers the achievement of that goal, he must also include the necessary requirements of giving everything-everything-everything to achieve it.  And I might add, that through all of the temptations that  will come from the enemy, and life's troubles that the enemy will bring, must also be taken into account, then given along with ones spiritual desire to be there.  It will prove to be a man's roughest, toughest, most rocky and full of pitfalls walk that he can ever imagine.  In other words, "You will not begin to understand what that will take until you are in there middle of it."   I guess it could in some ways be compared with a woman having a baby.  How can one prepare for that?  Then going through that frightening moment constantly for years while being tossed to and fro, walked upon, run over, thrown from cliffs, battered-naked-alone for years.  That would be the comparison thinking from the flesh, yet inclusive of, that kind of spiritual journey.    It seems appropriate to expunge the elementary request, and get right into the meat of the matter, because unless one is ready to go all of the way, he will be stopped by the one who takes away a man's desire-longing to really be with his Creator.     It is hoped that I have not disturbed anyone with these truths and they be considered a diatribe.  Going part of the way is what religions are built upon. Like throwing away the first 3/4 of Scripture, then making things seem to fit through the imaginations and hard heart ness of religious men. It takes everything to even begin to know Abba YHVH interpersonally.