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This is where we come into the relationship. 


When we become accountable for everything we do, only then can we say that we have made the decision to allow our Savior to direct our lives.

There are no alternatives to allowing Him to enter into a bond with us and direct our lives completely. Only when we have given all to Him can we achieve a more abundant life through Him. Whatever we hold back, we control and allow not His direction.

What peace can we find in holding back on our Creator? Letting go of everything is the only way to release ourselves from the bonds of an earthly existence. How one achieves a heavenly existence here on earth is through giving up what we have to our Heavenly Father for His good pleasure, wanting nothing in return but what He wants to give.

Not one of us can say that we are in control of our own destiny without allowing Him the very existence that we cherish. That is the only control that we have, the "giving" part. What we hold on to, is what holds us to the earthly existence that we loath so much but cannot seem to release ourselves from.

Giving all to Abba יהוה is the only way out of worry and strife. It is difficult to lead someone when they are going their own way, and our Heavenly Father יהוה  will not interfere with our desire.

His giving of our desires is our existence. We make the choice and we make the final decision on where we end up. There can be no compromise in whom we follow, and an eternal life with Our Creator. One is the opposite of the other. If we follow Him we are on the path to the eternity with Him that we say we treasure. If we are following our own desires, we are earthly and cannot experience the Heavenly, for only from Him comes the Heavenly.

Earthly desires emanate from below. Heavenly desires are bestowed from above. Giving all to Abba יהוה will allow all of our desires to originate from Him and only from Him. He knows what we need before we ask. He wants to give us what we desire. If we allow Him our very existence we also give to Him the very desires of our heart. He then makes the decision of what we want out of this life. He will put the desires into our hearts that will make us into the new creature that we search for.

When we become a new creation in
YHVH Yahoshua HaMachiach -
המשיח  יהושע  יהוה

we are allowing Him to create us anew, therefore we are made only through Him

May 12, 2002