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The Last Frontier

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This Is The Last Frontier


Living in His House

Mishpochah (Family)

Always pondering the Word, it's reverence and importance
give Light to all who diligently study with all strength,
and maintain the easy understanding of Scripture,
beyond human endurance, that is given through
fellowship with  Ruach HaKodesh (Spirit the Set Apart),
and in HaShem
בשמ יהוה  to all who thirst for
Wisdom, allow me to inject a word for consideration.

Without understanding all things, there is never a
that we should not be searching for answers
to all mysteries.  Mysteries that have not been
understood from the beginning are in constant search,
for there can never be a thorough understanding while
we are still here, that is, in the flesh.

We search out what we can, and pray for understanding, that
we may fellowship with our Creator in an interpersonal way,
and overcome as He leads.  We continue in prayer all of our
lives, that we as Shaul (Paul) said, "Pray unceasingly," that
we may be perfectly in tune with our Creator
in every possibly way.

Understanding what we may, from the beginning,
is a task that all should search out in prayer
and supplication our entire lives, knowing that in the
consummation we will have our Exceeding Great Reward
which is
יהוה,  Face to face, literally.  Cannot
we be in touch with
 יהוה every moment of our lives?  Can
we, by our personal motivations, which He allots to each
of us individually, as Ha Ruach gives willingly, and
according to our commitment to our Creator
in constant and consistent communication with Him
all the days of our lives?  One only needs to
search the Scriptures to find the answer

  יהוה -  YHVH has been longing for mankind as a people,
and we as individuals, since Adam, to walk with, fellowship
with, make plans with, confide in, work through, and
befriend personally, all who would come with total
commitment, lacking nothing.  Our only desire-request-
ambition-aspiration-hunger and thirst, should be to
attain that goal while yet alive, and yet even that
can only come from the Father of Lights, ABBA -Daddy.

Our personal commitment in total will only be as strong as
our personal persistent perseverance, to be all that we
can be in His service.  Lacking nothing is arbitrarily
dependent upon commitment.  Commitment is nothing less
than being totally
dependent upon  יהוה for everything
we are.  We show Him our dependency daily as we walk
with Him in Harmony and patience, expecting as we walk,
searching as we go, asking as we accomplish in
Him all that He has administered.

Is this the goal that we as individuals can attain?  Are we
in sight of this fellowship all the way through, without
rough and rocky roads to manage?

We can only Hope for perfection, as we consider
the work ahead.  We can only put all in the hands
of our Savior to be sure.  All that we hold is
interference.  All that we keep is in the way of
Perfect Peace.  All that we are, in sum, is what we
let go of.  All that we can be is in the hands of our
  יהוה.   All that we should consider is that
He, and only He, knows the Way, for He Is the
Way, and only He can Manage the road ahead.

Is there a formula for being certain, that all that we can
be is in His Hands?  Is there a certain ingredient that we
lack that buffs out our rough edges and smoothes out the
cracks and pitfalls that we navigate continuously? 
Certainly there can be something, somewhere, that gives
what is needed to continue in harmony with He Who
Directs our path.  Can that be found without

Certainly all must be in His Hands for us to be close enough
to touch Him.  Without certainty, can we trust that much,
that we let go of even our existence to be that close to
Him?  Without all of the above we will miss that mark,
to reach out and touch He Who Walks along side and
Lives within.  We are His Love manifest in the flesh. 
What more do we need than Him, to get through
this life in Perfect Harmony and Perfect Peace!

Perfection comes from He Who Is Perfect.

Perfection comes with Patience.

Patience comes from Trust.

Trust comes with experience.

Experience is what we attain from knowing through Faith.

Faith comes from hearing THE word and knowing
that not one Word will fail eternally.

Hearing comes from diligently seeking His Face,
and attaining to every Word that is Breathed
from the Mouth of

This brings us to the final frontier, so to speak. 
Living in His House with
Refrigerator rights.