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The origin of life has been a mystery, not to those in religious circles because they think they have all the answers.  They are at a loss though when questions come up and answer with something like, 'I just believe and have faith,' but they do not even know what they believe in on the CREATION issue.  Some how they think we are all deity!  Oh they deny that, but they will tell you they were made in the image of their deity!!  In the image of god, they will say!  They really have nowhere to go from there because religion has them hoodwinked and reprobate to a degree.  BUT, the Scriptures are clear for one seeking away from the doctrines of men in whited sepulechers.

Life From Its Origin
When we consider life from it's origin, there must be a synopsis following, rather than just volumes of written materiel that goes in circles and takes a philosophy student to disseminate.  There has to be a concise report on the research with conclusions that support both the research and Scriptural analysis based upon all Scripture and not just hand picked versions of translation.  We approach these studies from both a political conclusion of various prior studies today, expecting to be comprehensively reporting the findings, ending up with mans conclusive error from studies of men who studied from men what they studied from mans inhumanity to man.  Conclusion - Inconclusive.  Man has a history of being wrong when studies on Scriptural references are concerned because of his religious beliefs and also his personal agenda
I began this study by allowing nothing man has previously accomplished from 'life origin' studies, whether secular or religious.  There needs to be fresh research done by direct authorization from above, and a new outlook on Scriptural intensity based upon our Master and Creator Abba YHVH leading the research, for He said 'You will find Me if you search for Me with all of your heart.'  'Knock and the Door will be opened.'  For this to be effective, and by that I mean all research directly coming from our Creator, we must concentrate on an Interpersonal Relationship with YHVH Interpersonally.  The source of Creation is with Him.  The origin of mankind begins with Him. The end of all flesh ends with Him also.  We must look toward Heavenly insight for the answers we seek, or we will have just another conflicting report on life's origins.  If this is what you as a person are seeking, you will enjoy the remainder of this work.  Should you be seeking your own personal agenda, this work will shatter your cognizant method of error and leave you bewildered and searching for consolation with the enemy.
Now for the main focus!
Has anyone ever asked themselves what is the intended meaning of, 
'Let Us make man in Our image, after Our likeness....  And Elohim Created man in His Image, in the Image of Elohim He Created him -- male and female He Created them.'
There is more speculation on this passage than any in the entire Scriptures, at least for those who follow and search out Scripture for what is the True meaning from above.  Now the answers are beginning to become clear, as YHVH brings in the Later Rain upon mankind.  Not since Bereshit has YHVH Elohim revealed what will be within these writings, for the time has come to do battle against the rulers of darkness and their speculation of religious men's doctrines and wholesale desecration of Scripture within both the Jew and Gentile populous.  I cannot stress enough the importance of these precepts for all who will follow in accepting The Word as Written, rather than those of religious men and their dogma that diverts from us the True Meaning of Scripture directly from the Breath of YHVH Elohim.  I am not alone in this endeavor.  Many that are searching the original Scriptures in their original languages have been instrumental in bringing forth the Written Word into His Marvelous Light.  Not before the beginning has so much Light been given to mankind than what will be given within the next few years, for the forces of darkness are now waging an all out battle like never before to destroy Truth from It's Foundation. This war is between YHVH Elohim and the ruler of darkness - father of lies, and will not end until he is locked up in the Pit - accomplished!, (and those following to the beginning stage of the Lake Of Fire), for his one thousand years to think about his war against his Creator, and think of the consequences of further action when he is loosed from his bonds for his final test; 'is there any hope for the father of lies?'  We all know the outcome.  HisStory has been written for all to see.  Although darkness cannot see The Light before them, any judge would give a last chance before this final conviction and penalty.  Like all attempts in the past, darkness will not, for his own selfish reasons, adhere to The Light, for it is impossible for Light and darkness to occupy the same place at the same time, and the arch enemy of The Word will refuse to even try, for even an attempt would diminish him among his followers and that could not happen in his pride filled realm of darkness.  Pride and selfishness takes on a life of their own, and any who fall for the masquerade will not be able to recover from its clutches.  We know that men have made strides against being swallowed up in pride and selfishness, and some have recovered, but only because they have given all to their Creator and not bits and pieces from carefully chosen segments of their makeup.  Sorry to say, most adherents of Pride and Selfishness have and will never make it out.  The father of lies is also the father of Pride and Selfishness and they know no other way but what they are made of.
Now we will see from more than Scripture, the outcome of all who follow in darkness.  We will see with our own physical eyes the results of following after falsehood and futility.  We become what we give ourselves unto.  We become where our heart dwells, and there will be little hope for anyone who attempts to recover, for the walls of darkness are both very high and very thick.  Attempts will only swallow them even deeper, for the enemy in his selfishness will come against them with an all out assault, and who can fight against the enemy alone.  There would not be enough determination to ask assistance of  YHVH from the mind that has been abducted and brainwashed into the works of darkness to that extent.  There dwells within all who offer themselves to the devil a spirit that is unknown to Light and cannot see a glimmer of Light, so the end for that man has been set for his hostile takeover by the enemy.  There are stories of those who have come out from that level of darkness, but continue to look at them and where they end up.  You will understand the meanings of this from observance.  Touch not; Taste not; Handle not; Which all are to perish with man's using; after the commandments and teachings of men.  Whose rules have a show of wisdom in positive attitude, human will worship, or self-humiliation of the body type worship, and neglecting of the body type worship; but these have no eternal value except for the satisfying and parading of the flesh.  Friends, there is not enough time to search the Scriptures the way we were to search them in past times.  Today we must give everything to YHVH Elohim in total Faith, knowing that HE will pick us up, dust us off and renew us from our past humiliation among the brethren.  He promised That in Scripture which most of us have at least known, and there is not one promise made by HIM that can be annulled.  Settle it today and make a decision.  BE THERE!
June 4, 2008