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Separation: A Man Made Barrier

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Is there any excuse for falling prey to the adversary?
Can a man point his finger at an outside cause for his failure, or will he be satisfied with his choices on the last day.  The answer is rather easy.

A Man Made Barrier


The Communication Barrier between Abba YHVH and mankind has  not changed from Bereshit until now.  Mankind was not created to be a stranger to His Creator, but to have open and close interpersonal relationship with Abba with no walls and no barriers.  Mankind on the other hand has set between himself and Abba a landslide of paperwork – so to speak – and a system of religious indifference to Him and His Spoken Word.  Unknowingly today, man is so far from Him in general, that even the thought of communication is not even taken from the heart as possible without the permission granted from religious networks set to be a go-between.  The next and biggest barrier are the demonic voices man has been accustomed to hearing through his choices of doctrines handed down from the religious networks he takes as representative of his creator's spoken word.  Without thinking, or being able to do so, mankind has slipped into the abyss of no response to the Still Small Voice Abba YHVH speaks with continually.  Man is so used to the voice of the roaring lion, that he misses the most important message of all, "Come to Me you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest for your souls."  Although men know these words from Scripture, and even repeat them to others as example, he has no idea what those words really mean.  Coming to Him is not as difficult as one would think, except for the programming from religious men and institutions that the response to "Come" means something religious instead of the simple child-like "Come My children."  Without religion, man has no meaning on where to turn.  He wanders around wondering how and who and what he has been placed here for, and looks again to his religious institution for answers; even getting more involved in churchianity both with time and tithing yet still wonders, "Where is that interpersonal relationship with my Creator that we see in Scripture.?"  Their institutions cannot help them for lack of what ‘that is’ also, except the demons they follow in opposition to The Word both Spoken and Written within Scripture.  Although they think they are hearing the right voice, they are entertaining demons unaware.  Why are these words so strong against religious teachings of men?  Look around, those who can hear.  What do you see?  What does the common man lack in his fellowship with Abba YHVH?  If one cannot see that lack, am sorry that you are as blind as they are.  The most obvious answer is really a question found in the Pre-Messianic Scripture.  "I Am YHVH and besides Me there is no Savior."  Concerning His Name YHVH, "This is the way you are to mention Me throughout your generations."  Religious men have stolen the most important Word/Name ever spoken, The Beginning of Wisdom, HaShem YHVHThe Name YHVH.  Without the beginning we are at a lose to find even the smallest vestige of Truth, because without the Beginning, there is no middle or end.  Man is lost within himself and his thinking handed down from others who now lay in Whited Sepulchers.


Common among men also is this; We are among the roads most desolate observers.  We wonder around in our religious clothing void of what we say we all strive for, unknowing even what we strive for is all about.  We determine that a close interpersonal relationship with HIM is the most valuable asset we can have or are gifted to have, but we lift not a finger to do what Scripture demands that we do to affect that change.  We wander around saying the proper BUZZ words, all copying from the next well sounding script written by another person whose identity we are not even sure of, but the sound is so spiritual we think, that if we say it enough times there will be an addition to ourselves like the saying, do it or say it enough times and it will become part of you.


The real problem is, how in the world are we to affect an interpersonal relationship with our Creator by saying we are developing it, or sounding like we are?  Hypocritical at the very least is what we are in this light.  “If we use the buzz-words that makes it happen,” 'an interpersonal relationship with Him,' and we do not even know whom we are speaking of because we use titles of invention and history invented by men no different than political memory of fiction we see being thrown around today in the arena politic.  “I remember it well,” as they then speak from out of an ‘on the spot invention of fiction.’  I know that is funny as we see It today, but look around a little at our fellow religious man.  He sounds the same.  Only difference is that our fellow religionist goes so much deeper, and stays there for many more years as his life slowly drifts into an aging mindset oblivious to even a suggestion that something is awry.


My Creator waits with patience; His virtue toward a rebellious people who full well knows that time is not their friend in this equation.  My Abba is not one to allow His Word to be taken away from Him and changed, except in the minds of those perishing.


Today We Stand.  Tomorrow we fall.

And who can annul even one of the slightest of His words or even an expressive curve of one of the letters of one of the smallest of His Words?  Men continue to attempt that change daily, and what do they accomplish?  They fall further down the slippery slope of semantics hoping to achieve the impossible but living among other men in proud anguish for the dispensation they invent as worthy; culminating in eternal separation from Abba YHVH.  Don’t get me wrong.  Those who achieve eternal separation do so with knowledge that is pleasing to them and they continually labor for that goal.


The question now at hand is how would any man desire that end? Does he have to understand the outcome, or does he only have to work toward that end to accomplish it, and how does he manage to dissuade himself to perform those detestable tasks unknowingly, or is he really aware of his fallen state to perform them in the Face of Abba YHVH as did Nimrod and all that have followed him throughout history?  It is not a difficult thing to explain.  It only takes a look inside for one to find the answer.  Frightening as it may seem, looking inside reveals a man as his heart drives his flesh into or out of whatever his heart desires, and that at times camouflages the intent of his heart/spirit which will not deceive him today or on the last day inevitably.



4 13 2008